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PPC campaigns are one of the key elements of a successful listing. When done efficiently, PPC can grow your business by increasing your visibility. Due to rising advertising costs, mismanaged manual campaigns, and no clear strategy, without proper advertising management, the amount of time and effort can be draining for many sellers.

The team of expert PPC experts is specially designed to help you maximize your sales on your eCommerce store while keeping your costs low.




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We are a leading sponsored advertisement management agency. With over 3000+ hours logged in PPC management and 10000 campaigns managed, Kingsman Services' sponsored ad management service is the top choice for brands selling (and wanting to grow) on an eCommerce store. Being a full-suite advertising agency, we can help you set realistic goals, establish a proven-to-work strategy and work dedicatedly to maximize ROI and minimize ACOS. Can With our efficient Amazon, and Flipkart ad optimization services. Our ads are not only targeted for traffic and visibility but also expertly designed to drive conversions and sales. Partner with a premium Amazon marketing agency and drive sales and growth.


Our Full PPC management service included

Kingsman Services, the Best PPC management Service Provider in India, provides a full range of services related to Amazon, Flipkart, and ajio:

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Keyword recommendation file

Combination of all relevant, converting, profitable as well as long tail and competitors keywords aggregated specifically for PPC advertising campaign.

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Creation of new campaigns

starting from scratch? Don't worry eStore Factory experts will help you create a new campaign for your products, KPIs, and target audience

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Product-Specific Campaigns

Creation of product and category-specific campaigns to highlight best-selling products and optimize sales on low-selling products.

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Upgrade existing campaigns

Monitor and manage your current underperforming campaigns by adjusting keyword bids, weeding out keywords that aren't converting, and targeting the right keywords.

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Social Media Promotion

Reach a wide spectrum of audiences by marketing your products on multiple social media platforms and groups through direct product link sharing and promo code generation.

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Performance measurement at the ad group level

Monitor the work and performance of campaigns through weekly analysis of search terms reports and monthly sales snapshots.

Why choose Kingman Services for Sponsored Ads (PPC) Management?

Data-driven strategies

As long as we keep your product ads up to date, there's no room for guesswork. For efficient delivery of our Amazon advertising services, we ensure that every small change to your advertising campaigns is backed by real-time data and proven results.

Technology Meets Expertise

We combine expertise and technology so that you get the best of both worlds. Using excellent PPC management tools and well-executed Amazon PPC services helps increase your efficiency and profitability.


Metrics matter to us, and stats rule. As an Amazon Sponsored Ads Management Agency, we handle everything from strategy development to campaign creation to campaign optimization and maintenance. We do our best to keep your ROI high and advertising cost minimum.

  • What is Amazon PPC?

    Amazon PPC is an advertising feature available to Amazon sellers who want to quickly increase the visibility of their product listings on Amazon to help boost the visibility of their existing listings. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a digital advertising term where you pay for the number of clicks your ad receives in order to increase your chances of making a sale with each click.

  • Your Amazon PPC campaign is implemented directly on the Seller Central platform. There is a lot of information available to you once you start building your campaigns to identify the key metrics, strengths, and weaknesses of your strategy.

  • There are many ways to measure the success of a Google Ads campaign. Some popular measurements you can use are cost per conversion, ROI, or in some cases how much exposure the campaign is creating for the business. However, we do measure the success of our advertising campaign based on how it is affecting your business, which we work closely with you to determine.

  • There are a variety of strategies for selling on Amazon with Amazon PPC. Many factors include industry, product, audience, budget, and more. The general idea for Amazon sellers is to pay for ads that include specific search terms, keyword research, and negative keywords to increase the likelihood of the product appearing. Once a buyer clicks on your ad, it's out of your pocket, so monitoring your ad spend is essential.