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Accurately represent the brand with the Brand Registry and take advantage of advanced analytics and advertising options.

The Amazon platform holds immense potential for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Kingsman Services acts as a facilitator to register an Amazon seller account. Our team guarantees to keep all the Amazon seller account prerequisites in mind and avoid mistakes. The person in charge of your account assumes full responsibility for the security of the information provided for the registration process. A well-led Amazon account, modeled on traditional account registration, will drive sales along with reputable customer care.




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Brand Registration and Groe your business.

Brand Registry is a program that helps protect the intellectual property of your brand. Any infringement or IP infringement can be easily detected and reported by Amazon for strict action. In addition to protecting your brand, Brand Registry has a full suite of enhanced search and better conversion features. Registered sellers can get detailed analytics and other relevant information to support their sales and provide a better shopping experience to the customers. As your Amazon expert, we'll manage all of your brand registry needs while helping you protect your brand presence and establish a thriving business on Amazon.


Top Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

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A+ Contents

With Brand Registry you get access to A+ content, which is an impressive way to showcase your brand and product listings. It allows you to create rich content by adding additional information, interesting modules, charts, lifestyle images, and your unique brand story. A+ content communicates the genuine core of your items and brand and takes precedence over your product description.

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Brand Store

Getting access to and building an Amazon Brand Store is one of the key benefits of a Brand Registry. The Brand Store is a centralized multi-page destination for your brand within Amazon. You can provide your customers with a website-like shopping experience, showcase your products in an organized manner, share your brand story, and increase awareness of your entire range.

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Sponsored Brand ads

Sponsored brand ads appear in prominent placements such as at the top of the Amazon search page, product detail pages, and on the left and bottom of search results, making them highly visible. Sponsored Brand Ads can be used to increase the discoverability and visibility of your products on Amazon.

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Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a feature that enables registered brands to promote products using social media feeds within Amazon. Brands that are active on social media platforms can easily repurpose their existing content for Amazon to attract relevant audiences and increase product visibility.

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Manage Experiments

Manage your experiments allowing registered sellers to run tests on their A+ content. By comparing two versions of content side by side, you can experiment and review which performs better. With experiments, you get a fair idea about the improvements that can be made in the content to add appeal to attract more customers, conversions, and sales.

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Brand Catalog Manager

The Brand Catalog Manager tool provides information on who is selling your products, customer brand experience and feedback, and projected product sales opportunities. You can review all sellers, see who is currently listing your products, and provide customers with a better shopping experience. You can also add your offer and description of the sale.

  • How to protect your brand on Amazon?

    There are several ways to protect your brand from unauthorized sellers on Amazon:

    amazon brand registry

    bundle your products

    cease and desist letters

    Awareness of strange product reviews

    custom logo and packaging

    protection of intellectual property

    Using these methods and resources made available to you by Amazon is a great way to get started. Process and maintenance are critical to maintaining the security of your listing, so it's essential to continually monitor for any suspicious activity.